About Us



The Usel Factory Shop is part of the major social enterprise Usel. We have been making beds and mattresses for over 140 years. We take great pride in manufacturing beds of the highest standards by combining the finest fabrics and quality fillings with the very best of traditional craftsmanship. At the core of our work is to provide employment and support for people with disabilities and health-related conditions in our manufacturing facility and beyond. Today we employ and support over 1,000 people across the province.

We sell our handcrafted mattresses and beds that have been manufactured in our own factory directly to the public. Our craftspeople only use the finest locally woven damask fabrics which allow the mattress to breathe and create a comfortable sleeping surface and a desirable finished look. All of our beds are handmade by local people at our factory in the heart of Belfast, and we pride ourselves in being able to manufacture and supply affordable and comfortable bedding for a reasonable price all across Northern Ireland.



As an approved member of the National Bed Federation (NBF) Usel is independently audited to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements for flammability, health and hygiene and trade descriptions. You can buy with confidence in the knowledge that our beds are safe, clean and honestly made. We are also proud to be associated with The Sleep Council, an independent organisation that focuses on the health and well-being that is attributed to a good nights sleep.



In addition to manufacturing and supplying bedding, we at Usel also pride ourselves on our recycling program. With every new mattress delivery, we offer a Collect & Recycle Service for a £10 fee, we can remove your old mattress to be brought back to our licensed facility for recycling. These are then stripped to the base components, such as foam, polyester and steel; and depending on the mattress, more natural fibers such as wool and cotton. In the end - 100% of each mattress is successfully recycled for reuse in various industries for example acoustic soundproofing of cars and carpet underlay. Please note, we can only remove like-for-like items ie: a mattress for a mattress. We do not remove sofa-beds with this service. This service is only available on new purchases - this is not a standalone service.



In addition to our domestic bedding, we also manufacture a range of contract grade mattresses and beds. These are designed exclusively for local hospitality businesses and other commercial properties, including student accommodation and residential care homes. Our contract mattresses comply with the strictest fire safety regulations and safety standards. These adhere to:

  • BS7177 Source 5
  • Water-resistance
  • Fire-resistance

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We trade directly to the public, and as we operate our Factory Shop directly out of our own manufacturing facility, we can keep the prices down for your benefit whilst retaining the handcrafted quality. Feel free to stop by our Cambrai Street showroom to try anything you like and for further consultation. For our customers we strive to only charge what we need to, not what we can.